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GIS (Geographical Information System)
GIS Studio

GIS Facilities created in the GIS Studio which is being run by State Institute of Town Planning in Collaboration with Directorate of Town & Country Planning, is an state of art facility. It has very high end work station with Advanced Software, beautiful interior, fully Air Conditioned, with very comfortable working facility. Has been designed ergonomically.

GIS Studio has perfectly tuned required hard ware and advanced workstation & Desktop along with high speed internet, are available, which are loaded with GIS software. GIS Studio is equipped with Following GIS software:

  1. ArcGIS Server Advanced (4cores) with Portal for ArcGIS Jumpstart package & Bundled extensions (Spatial Analyst, Network Analyst, 3D Analyst & Geostatistical Analyst & Schematics)
  2. ArcGIS Image Capability Server* (4 cores)
  3. ArcGIS Server Workflow Manager Extension
  4. ArcGIS Desktop Advanced with ArcGIS Pro.
  5. ArcGIS Desktop extensions Spatial Analyst, Network analyst, 3D Analyst & Data Interoperability
  6. ArcGIS City Engine for Planning in Metro Cities
  7. ArcGIS Mobile Apps for Updating the Land use on field
  8. ArcGIS Pro for Multiple users to work on Single Layers

Future Clients

GIS Studio services will be extended to the other Government, semi government, local bodies and private institutions. This can be in two ways; by providing full services, where GIS related works can be done for local bodies by SITOP professionals, working in GIS Studio. Lot of GIS related works are required to be done in local bodies under various schemes eg AMRUT. These Local Bodies are not at all, equipped with advanced GIS facilities, since these are very expensive facilities, and there is no point in creating such facilities in every local body. Besides there are many other Government, semi government and private organizations, which require lot of GIS services.

Few Organizations have gradually, developed some expertise. Many such organizations have appointed GIS professionals also, however they do not have access to the full-fledged GIS lab. There is a strong probability of that these organizations would hire the GIS lab time on hourly basis.

The following terminals are available at SITOP on hourly rental basis:

  1. GIS terminal on rent with Arc GIS Software @ 3000 per hour.
  2. Other terminal on rent without software @ 2000 per hour.

In this model, none of the SITOP's professional's input will be shared. Their staff who does the GIS related work, will perform the tasks assigned. SITOP will only provide them one terminal with desired Access of GIS software.

Following training courses will also be conducted by SITOP:

  1. Training course for 5 days @ 10,000/- per person for Govt. Employees.
  2. Training course for 3 days @ 5000/- per person (Capsule course)
  3. Training course for 2 days @ 3000/- per persons (for Students also)
  4. Training course for 5 days @ 20000/- per person for Architects, Planners & Engineers.
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