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Introduction | Executive Committee | Memorandum of Association | Setup | RTI
State Institute For Town Planning
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four, Five,Six, Seven | Part Eight
Part One
Departmental Structure
Chairman - Shri kelash Vijayvargiya, Minister, Urban Development & Housing Department
Director General - Shri Neeraj Mandloi, Principal Secretary, Urban Development & Housing Department
Executive Director - Shri Srikanth Banoth, Commissioner Cum Director, Town and Country Planning
Subordinate Offices – NIL
Details of Boards/ Undertakings/ Institutions coming under the Department : NIL
Member Institutions
Under the provisions of M.P. Nagar Tatha Gram Nivesh Adhiniyam, 1973– Ten Development Authorities, namely, Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain, Dewas, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Amarkantak, Singrauli, Katni, Ratlam; Five Special Area Development Authorities, namely, Pachmarhi, Gwalior, Counter Magnate Khajuraho, Maheshwar – Madleshwar, Orcha were constituted.
Departmental Responsibilities
  1. Planning and Architectural work in respect of Schemes of Town Development Authorities.
  2. Survey, Technical Examination and detailed Architectural work pertaining to IDSMT and other self-financing Schemes.
  3. Providing necessary guidance to Development Authorities in the field of Technical, Administrative and Accounting Management and organize training/ seminars for Officers/ Subordinates.
  4. Execution of Planning and Architectural work in respect of Private Institutions.
  5. Execution of works as assigned by the State Government.
Information related with the Department
Madhya Pradesh Vikas Pradhikaran Sangh has now been renamed as ‘State Institution for Town Planning’ which is a registered association of Town Development Authorities of the State.  The M.P.V.P.S was registered in the year 1980 under the provisions of M.P. Society Registration Act, 1973.  Its main function is to provide guidance on Technical, Administrative and Accounting Management aspects and provide training to Officers and subordinates.
General and Special Features
  1. In the light of issue of revised guidelines during August 1995 in respect of IDSMT Scheme by Government of India, the erstwhile Madhya Pradesh Vikas Pradhikaran Sangh which has now been redesignated as State Institute for Town Planning, was declared as Nodal Agency of the said Scheme.  Now State Institute for Town Planning is functioning as Coordinator and Advisor of these Schemes.  Most of the technical advisory work of the Institute is being accomplished as an ‘in house’ activity by this Institute.

  2. During 2005-06, Government of India enforced UIDSSMT Scheme and accordingly merged IDSMT Scheme with UIDSSMT Scheme.  The erstwhile Vikas Pradhikaran Sangh was also made a State Level Nodal Agency for implementation of this new Scheme in Madhya Pradesh.  Under the provisions of the said Scheme, Vikas Pradhikaran Sangh was carrying out the work of evaluation /inspection/ supervision of UIDSSMT Schemes as well as preparation of new Schemes.  In the year 2009-10, in accordance with Urban Administration and Development Department (UADD) GoMP order No. F-10-27/10/98-2 dated 27.01.2012, Directorate of Urban Administration and Development was assigned the role of State Nodal Agency in place of erstwhile Vikas Pradhikaran Sangh.  Accordingly, UIDSSMT Scheme was handed over to UADD for its implementation along with incentive funds.

    As per Government of M.P., Housing and Environment Department Order No. F-6-9/10/32 dated 18.02.2012, the work of Information and Technology in respect of Directorate of Town and Country Planning was assigned to M.P.V.P.S as a Nodal Agency.  In the first phase of the said assignment, the work of GIS Application in respect of four towns of M.P. is under progress.
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