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State Institute For Town Planning
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Budget Review, Sources of Income
The main sources of income of the Institute are Membership Fee received from its Member Institutions, fee being charged for Architectural Consultation work/ Technical Examination/ Survey work of the Schemes/ Scrutiny of budget of Authorities, examination of cases U/s. 23 (b) of the Act, Development Plan preparation and Turnkey Jobs from T & CP from time to time.  The Institution is not in receipt of any grant from the Government at present.
Budget Provisions, Target/ Expenditure and Audit

Proposed Income – Expenditure figures for FY 2010-11 for the Institute were Rs. 369.91 lakhs and Rs. 369.91 lakhs respectively.  Against the said figures, the actual income – expenditure were of the order of Rs. 509.95 lakhs and Rs. 183.13 lakhs respectively.  For the year 2011-12, the proposed income – expenditure figures were Rs. 661.81 lakhs and Rs. 617.28 lakhs respectively but as per Board of Directors’ meeting dated 05.11.11 the budget figures in respect of anticipated income – expenditure were revised as Rs. 335.35 lakhs and Rs 312.67 lakhs respectively.

Audit work for the FY 2009-10 has been completed whereas Audit work for FY 2012-11 is in progress.

Parliamentary work, legal work and Court related work – NIL.

Sanctioned Setup

Under the previous sanctioned set up of the Institute, sanctioned strength of the setup under different category of employees is 65, out of which 16 employees belong to Technical Cadre whereas 38 employees belong to non-technical cadre.  All Officers/ employees are in regular service.  Five Officers/ employees are presently posted on deputation.

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