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Summary – Plans and Programmes for the Next Financial Year
1. During next financial year, the Institution proposes to complete architectural work of balance components of Urban Schemes under IDSMT Programme.
2. The Institute proposes to take up architectural work of self financed schemes of Urban Local Bodies.  Additionally, it is also proposed to take up Information Technology work of four cities.
3. To carry out scrutiny of annual budgets of eight Development Authorities/ Special Area Development Authorities and forward the same to State Government and preparation of annual budgets of six newly constituted Development Authorities.
4. To carry out technical scrutiny of all schemes in respect of Development Authorities/ Special Area Development Authorities and forward the same to the State Government.  Under this programme, it is also proposed to carry out scrutiny of such schemes wherein it is proposed to construct EWS/ LIG Houses on the Government lands available at concessional rates.
5. To scrutinize proposals/ schemes of modifications as per provisions of Section 23 of M.P. Nagar Tatha Gram Nivesh Adhiniyam, 1973.
6. To scrutinize schemes towards their Environmental Impact Assessment as are being prepared and forwarded by Development Authorities/ Special Area Development Authorities/ M.P. Housing Board/ Capital Project Administration.
7. Preparation of City Development Project/ Zonal Plans in respect of City Development Plan of Town and Country Planning Organization.
8. To organize training programmes on ten different subjects as per Training Calendar for the training and capacity building of officers/ Subordinates of Development Authorities.
9. During the year 2011-12, under the IDSMT Scheme, institute has taken up the work of preparation of various Schemes from the Revolving Fund for Urban Local Bodies of the State.  So far, Institute has received proposals from 29 towns for preparation of such schemes.

During next year, it is proposed to undertake maximum recovery of approx. Rs.1.00 Crore from different Urban Local Bodies payable by them to the Institute under different heads.It is also proposed to avail the services of private consultants towards execution of works and preparation/ scrutiny of the schemes pertaining to above said works.  A penal of consultants has been prepared to achieve the objectives.  A definite procedure and clearcut policy has also been drawn.  The office endeavours to take up most of the works through ‘in house’ arrangements.

Due to handing over of UIDSSMT Scheme to Urban Administration and Development Department, a proposal was under consideration to adjust the staff of State Institute for Town Planning with the said Department.  But now a decision has been taken by the office to withdraw the proposed action.  A final decision in this regards is proposed to be taken by the end of the financial year.

Project Director
State Institute for Town Planning, Bhopal.

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