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State Institute For Town Planning
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Part Three
(A & B) State Schemes and Centrally Sponsored Schemes
The predecessor of State Institute for Town Planning i.e. M.P. Vikas Pradhikaran Sangh was declared a Nodal Agency for implementation of three ongoing major Schemes in the State.  Out of these three schemes, the work is presently being carried out in respect of IDSMT Scheme and Information Technology Scheme only.
1. Integrated Development of Small and Medium Towns (IDSMT) Scheme was implemented in the year 1995-96 and upto FY 2004-05, the works in respect of Schemes of 97 towns were being executed at a sanctioned cost of Rs. 14370.49 lakhs.

Commissionery wise details of these 97 towns are as follows – (1) Chambal Division – 3 towns, (2) Gwalior Division – 6 towns, (3) Ujjain Division – 16 towns, (4) Indore Division – 9 towns, (5) Hoshangabad Division – 2 towns, (6) Sagar Division – 15 towns, (7) Rewa Division – 18 towns, (8) Jabalpur Division – 12 towns, (9) Bhopal Division – 16 towns..

Since its inception in the year 1995-96, an amount of Rs. 8614.81 lakhs has been released upto Current financial year.  This includes Central Govt. share of Rs. 4501.19 lakhs and State Govt. share of Rs. 4133.62 lakhs.  No provision has been made during the current financial year for completion of incomplete works.  Under the Scheme, an upto date expenditure of Rs. 7732.92 lakhs has been reported for 94 towns by the Urban Local Bodies.  During the year 2005, IDSSMT Scheme was subsumed with UIDSSMT Scheme. 
The erstwhile Vikas Pradhikaran Sangh under the various components of IDSMT Schemes has carried out detailed Architectural work for various works which include Commercial Complexes, Bus Stand, Residential, Parks, Community Halls, Stadiums, Office Complexes, Vegetable Markets and other similar development works.  The Utility of works executed under the Scheme which was of the order of 84 percent previously, has now improved to the extent of more than 89.76 percent during the last one year.
Information Technology

Government of M.P., Housing and Environment Department by virtue of declaring this Institute as Nodal Agency in respect of execution of Information of Technological works for the Directorate of Town and Country Planning, initially four cities have been included in the First Phase of Scheme as follows:
1. Indore, 2. Gwalior, 3. Bhopal, 4. Jabalpur.

The Directorate has released an amount of Rs. 63.40 lakhs during FY 2009-10 and Rs. 88.21 lakhs during FY 2010-11, aggregating to Rs. 151.61 lakhs towards execution of this Scheme.
The Institute is presently in the process of preparation of draft Request For Proposal (RFP) for Directorate of Town and Country Planning Web based Application  in respect of these four cities.

1.Indoreर, 2.Gwalior, 3. Bhopal, 4.Jabalpur

World Bank Aided Schemes : NIL


Foreign Aided Schemes/ projects : NIL

(4) Other Schemes / Works as assigned by the State Government

State Institute of Town Planning (SITP) is presently in the process of preparation of self financing schemes of various Urban Local Bodies.

2. During the year 2011-12, under the IDSMT Scheme, SITP has taken up the work of preparation of various Schemes from the Revolving Fund of Urban Local Bodies of the State.  So far, Institute has received the proposals from 29 towns for preparation of such schemes.
3. During the year 2011-12, the Institute has finished the work of preparation of City Development Plant of Salkanpur for Directorate of Town and Country Planning. 
4. State Government has also assigned many important works to this Institute as follows towards enhancement of its activities and functions/ income:

Scrutiny of Annual Budget of Development Authorities for onward approval to the State Government and preparation of Budget for newly constituted Development Authorities.

2. Technical scrutiny of all Schemes in respect of Development Authorities/ Special Area Development Authorities for onward approval of the State Government.

As per provisions of Section 23 of M.P. Nagar Tatha Adhiniyam, 1973 carry out scrutiny of all modified Schemes.

4. Carryout scrutiny of Environmental Impact Assessment of the Schemes prepared by Development Authorities/ Special Area Development Authorities and other member agencies.
5. Preparation of Development Schemes/ Zonal Plan in respect of Town and Country Planning Department and Urban Administration Department.
6. Preparation of Training Calendar for Training/ Capacity Building of Officers/ Subordinates of Development Authorities.
This office is presently executing the above mentioned works as per proposals received.
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